East Meets West

So here it is, the real thing. The cover has completely changed from the spec — I totally dig the 80s vibe!

The cover in full.

It so reminds me of my beloved old computer, the Commodore 64. I feel like I could step into the store here and play it as a game…

In a couple of days, my publisher will be at the Seoul International Book Fair with this book in tow. How cool is that? Turns out that dreams do come true, from time to time.

Love Love Reading from Magers and Quinn

Last year, one of the cities I visited on my book tour for Love Love was Magers and Quinn in beautiful downtown Minneapolis.  I remember signing a release form at the end of that reading for something to do with audio — and guess what, that’s exactly what this is.  Recorded on 9/21/2015, my reading and a short Q&A.  Thank you, Magers and Quinn!  You guys are aces.

New Jersey’s Indie Bookstores, Up Close and Personal

womrathsThis past weekend, I drove up and down the the state of New Jersey, hitting as many indie bookstores as I could, and some cafes as well.  That’s because I was trying to distribute a broadsheet of the first chapter of the book that I had made.  (By the way, I need to thank Todd Dills of the2ndhand.com for not only giving me the initial idea to do this, but also for his help on figuring out what kind of paper to use.  And again, big thanks to Noah Dempewolf for his killer illustrations and design.)

On the first day, I drove about 230 miles, arriving at the first store, Books & Greetings, at around 10:30am.  After that, I stopped at Womraths, because it was only about five minutes away from Books & Greetings.  Then it was to Bookends, which somehow ended up being slightly north of where I was.  At this point, I looked at my list of stores to hit, and was slightly disheartened that I still had twelve more to go.cafeeclectic

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